Anti theft TP machine, Tractor

You thought your vehicle was safe from theft?

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The VolBloc alarm preserves your property or your work tool with a single click, Intelligent anti-theft device for Construction Machinery, Tractor and its computer, theft of Gasoil.

Protect your investment of construction machinery, and agricultural tractor with our advanced anti-theft device designed specifically for all construction or agricultural machinery. Our solution combines state-of-the-art features to ensure the safety of your equipment, providing unparalleled peace of mind.
Key Features:
Remote alarm start and stop: activate the protection when you leave the vehicle.
Vibration Detection: The device is equipped with an intelligent vibration sensor that detects any unauthorized intrusion or movement attempt. In case of suspicious vibrations, the system is activated instantly.
Smartphone alerts: Receive real-time notifications directly on your smartphone in case of detected vibrations. Stay informed of the state of your vehicle, wherever you are, to react quickly in the event of an incident.
Geolocation: Follow the current position of your vehicle in real time thanks to the integrated geolocation function. In case of theft, share this information with the relevant authorities for a quick recovery of your vehicle and activate the engine stop mode from your Smartphone and locate immediately.

Star-and-Stop System: Add an extra layer of security by preventing unauthorized vehicle start. The Star-and-Stop system can be activated remotely to stop the vehicle and deter thieves.

User-friendly Interface: Easily control all features from a user-friendly app on your smartphone. The intuitive interface provides quick access to crucial information about the safety of your equipment.

Extended Battery Life: The device is equipped with a long-lasting battery to ensure continuous operation in case of power failure.

Invest in the protection of your rolling stock with our intelligent anti-theft device. Keep full control of your vehicle and make sure your equipment is always where it should be parked.

This smartphone app is a useful tool for monitoring vehicles in all types of situations. The possibility of being alerted by message on smartphone This product has been specifically adapted to vehicles and can detect all types of attempted theft of on-board computer, Gasoil, batteries, goods.

There is no alarm when someone passes without touching the tank or vehicle. An alarm is triggered when someone shocks the vehicle or the tank.  

Compatible in 48V/24V/12V, 

This is a revolutionary new way to keep track of your vehicle. 

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