Stop the theft of fuel

The soultion to the flight of fuel

This smartphone app is a useful tool for monitoring vehicles in all types of situations. The possibility of being alerted by smartphone of the theft of Gasoil in the tanks of one of your vehicles or a storage tank. This product has been specifically adapted to vehicles and can detect almost all types of theft attempts, diesel, batteries, goods regardless of their characteristics. There is no alarm when someone passes without touching the tank. An alarm is triggered when someone hits the tank or hits the vehicle. Suitable for large, small trucks, vans, trailers and construction vehicles TP, 48/24V/12V, to protect the energy tank from opening, and also to prevent the battery, spare wheel, cabin door, safe, etc. from being stolen. This is a revolutionary new way to keep track of your fuel in the tank. You will receive an alert when someone tries to open or puncture your vehicle or storage tank. You receive an SMS message at any attempt the break-in. Find out more!...

Find out more!...

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